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Areas of Interest and Activity (a bibliography)

Technical writers routinely have to rewrite and restructure the documents on which they work (and not just act as typists or translators). Of course, they can only do this in subjects that they understand. This means that technical writers must understand as wide a spectrum of subjects as that in which they intend to write. This understanding does not need to be carried to the point of being able to put it into engineering practice, of course. It is only necessary to be aware of the new techniques and terminology, and to understand fully what they mean when they appear in a document.

This document summarises my own particular range of studies and interests, by listing the books that I have read, with an inevitable emphasis on books from the popular science section of the bookshops. This list is, of course, being continually extended, along with a thorough reading of the New Scientist weekly magazine. (As objective proof of this assertion, I can cite my Letters to the Editor that they have chosen to publish over the years, and the two annotated index pages that I maintain: A Survey of Quantum Computing Research and Towards a theory of everything.)

Technical Writing and Using Personal Computers

Mike McGrath (2011).  C++ Programming in easy steps, 4th Edition, In Easy Steps Limited, Leamington Spa, UK, ISBN-13: 978-1840784329, 192pp.
W.Stockman, J.Boyle and J.Bacon (2010).  International Space Station: Systems Engineering Case Study, Air Force Center for Systems Engineering, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, USA.
E.Hull, K.Jackson and J.Dick (2005).   Requirements Engineering, 2nd edn, Springer, Berlin, D, ISBN 1-85233-879-2.
P-E.Muller (2003).   Sécurisez votre PC, Micro Application, Paris, F, ISBN 2-7429-3031-0.
E.Chambers and A.Northedge (1997).   The Arts Good Study Guide, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, ISBN 0-7492-8745-4.
K.Jackson and S.Keene (1997).   Framemaker to HTML: single source solution for paper and web, Addison-Wesley, Reading, USA, ISBN 0-201-31204-2.
Frame Technology (1995).   Using Framemaker, Frame Technology, San Jose, USA, 41-04699-00.
T.Shanley (1995).   ISA System Architecture, Addison-Wesley, Reading, USA, ISBN 0-201-40996-8.
T.Shanley (1994).   80486 System Architecture, Mindshare Inc, USA, ISBN 1-881609-04-9.
T.Shanley (1993).   EISA System Architecture, Mindshare Inc, USA, ISBN 1-881609-03-0.
Adobe Systems (1992).   Adobe Illustrator: User Guide, Adobe Systems, Mountain View, USA, 0299-4917.
R.Barrass (1978).   Scientists must Write: a guide to better writing for scientists, engineers and students, Chapman and Hall, London, UK, ISBN 0-412-15430-7, 176pp.
R.A.Ward (1977).   100% Report Writing, 25pp.
S.F.Trelease (1958).   How to Write Scientific and Technical Papers, Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore, USA.
R.O.Kapp (1957).   The Presentation of Technical Information, Constable, London, UK.
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Electronic Engineering, Computers and Communication

As well as being aware in a large spectrum of subjects, technical writers (and indeed everyone) needs to keep abreast of the continual developments in their own subjects. Complete text books, though, are rarely the means of doing this, as reflected in a bibliography such as this, but rather through articles in technical journals.

D.Fleisch (2008).   A Student's Guide to Maxwell's Equations, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, ISBN 978-1-521-70147-1.
O.Krauss (2002).   DWDM and Optical Networks, Publicis, Erlangen, D, ISBN 3-89578-174-6.
G.Blanchet et B.Dupouy (1991).   Architecture des Ordinateurs: des techniques de base aux techniques avancées, Masson, Paris, F, ISBN 2-225-82377-4.
F.Brown (1991).   Processeurs RISC: l'exemple de l'Am29000, Masson, Paris, F, ISBN 2-225-82334-0.
D.Etiemble (1991).   Architecture des Processeurs RISC, Armand Colin, Paris, F, ISBN 2-200-21077-9.
M.J.Shute (1991).   Les Architectures de 5e Génération sur Tranche, Masson, Paris, et Prentice Hall International, London, ISBN 2-225-82193-3, 332pp. Translation of (Shute 1988) by E.Pissaloux, S. Lasserre and J. Maftoul.
B.Beninca (1990).   Advanced Pick et Unix: la nouvelle norme informatique, Relais Informatique International, 93602 Aulnay sous Bois, F, ISBN 2-906886-02-5.
T.J.Fountain, and M.J.Shute, eds. (1990).   Multiprocessor computer architectures, North-Holland, Amsterdam, NL, ISBN 0-444-88215-4, 253pp.
P.-A.Goupille (1990).   Technologie des Ordinateurs, Masson, Paris, F, ISBN 2-225-81985-8.
J.L.Hennessy and D.A.Patterson (1990).   Computer Architecture: a quantitative approach, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Palo Alto, USA, ISBN 1-55860-069-8.
J.-C.Heudin and C.Panetto (1990).   Les Architectures RISC - Théorie et pratique des ordinateurs à jeu d'instructions réduit, Dunod, Paris, F, ISBN 2-04-019641-2.
J.-A.Montagnon (1990).   tome 3, Entrées - sorties, Architecture des ordinateurs, Masson, Paris, F, ISBN 2-225-81833-9.
D.Tschirhart (1990).   Commande en Temps Réel, Dunod, Paris, F, ISBN 2-04-018983-1.
M.J.Shute (1988).   Fifth Generation Wafer Architecture, Prentice Hall International, Hemel Hempstead, UK, ISBN 0-13-314238-8, 316pp.
S.Peyton Jones (1987).   The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages, Prentice Hall International, Hemel Hempstead, UK, ISBN 0-13-453325-9.
A.V.Aho, R.Sethi, J.D.Ullman (1986).   Compilers: principles, techniques and tools, Addison-Wesley, Reading, USA, ISBN 0-201-10194-7.
C.R.Jesshope and W.R.Moore, eds. (1986).   Wafer Scale Integration, Adam Hilger, Bristol, UK, ISBN 0-85274-497-8.
G.Jones (1985).   Programming in occam, Technical Monograph PRG-43, Programming Research Group, University of Oxford, UK.
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F.B.Chambers, D.A.Duce and G.P.Jones (1984).   Distributed Computing, Academic Press, Orlando, USA, ISBN 0-12-167350-2.
D.A.Duce, ed. (1984).   Distributed Computing Systems Programme, Peter Peregrinus, London, UK, ISBN 0-86341-023-5.
H.W.Glaser, C.L.Hankin and D.R.Till (1984).   Principles of Functional Programming, Prentice Hall International, Hemel Hempstead, UK, ISBN 0-13-709163-X.
G.L.Simons (1983).   Towards Fifth-generation Computers, National Computing Centre, Manchester, UK, ISBN 0-85012-390-9.
B.Randall (1982).   The Origins of Digital Computers, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, D.
I.R.Wilson and A.M.Addyman (1982).   A Practical Introduction to Pascal: with BS6192, Macmillan, London, UK, ISBN 0-333-33340-3.
T.Anderson and P.A.Lee (1981).   Fault Tolerance: principles and practice, Prentice Hall International, Hemel Hempstead, UK.
M.Breuer and R.Hartenstein, eds. (1981).   Computer Hardware Description Languages and their Applications, North-Holland, Amsterdam, NL.
S.Lavington (1980).   Early British Computers, Manchester Unviversity Press, Manchester, UK, ISBN 0-7190-0810-7.
C.Mead and L.Conway (1980).   Introduction to VLSI Systems, Addison-Wesley, Reading, USA, ISBN 0-201-04358-0.
G.Gordon (1978).   System Simulation, Prentice Hall Inc, Englewood Cliffs, USA.
B.W.Kernighan and D.M.Richie (1978).   The C Programming Language, Prentice Hall Inc, Englewood Cliffs, USA.
R.B.Kieburtz (1975).   Structured Programming and Problem Solving with Algol-W, Prentice Hall Inc, Englewood Cliffs, USA, ISBN 0-13-854737-8.
Digital (1974).   PDP11/45 Processor Handbook, Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, USA, 9602-30574-377.
G.T.Lancaster (1972).   Programming in Cobol, Pergamon Press, Oxford, UK, 08-016384-X.
S.Pakin (1972).   APL\360 Reference Manual, John Wiley and Sons Inc, New York, USA, 13-5.
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A.Wilkinson (1968).   Computer Models, Edward Arnold, UK, SBN 7131 1515 X.
E.I.Organick and L.P.Meissner (1966).   Fortran IV, Addison-Wesley, Reading, USA.
P.Hammond (1964).   Electromagnetism for Engineers: an introductory course, Pergamon Press, Oxford, UK, 08 010588 2.
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Applied Mathematics

J. Coopersmith (2017).   The Lazy Universe: An Introduction to the Principle of Least Action, Open University Press, Oxford, UK, ISBN-13: 978-0-1987-4304-0, 288 pp.
H.C.Von Baeyer (2016).   Qbism: The Future of Quantum Physics, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, USA, ISBN 978-0674504646.
D.Fleisch and L.Kinnaman (2015).   A Student's Guide to Waves, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, ISBN 978-1-107-64326-0.
P.Hamill (2014).   A Student's Guide to Lagrangians and Hamiltonians, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, ISBN 978-1-107-61752-0.
D.S.Lemons (2013).   A Student's Guide to Entropy, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, ISBN 978-1-107-65397-9.
N.Privault (2013).   Understanding Markov Chains: Examples and applications, Springer, Singapore, ISBN 978-981-4451-50-5.
D.Fleisch (2012).   A Student's Guide to Vectors and Tensors, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, ISBN 978-0-521-17190-8.
P.M.Lee (2012).   Bayesian Statistics, Wiley, Chichester, UK, ISBN 978-1-118-33257-3.
S.M.Moser, P-N.Chen (2012).   A Student's Guide to Coding and Information Theory, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, ISBN 978-1-107-60196-3.
D.E.Neuenschwander (2011).   Emmy Noether's Wonderful Theorem, John Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, USA, ISBN 978-0-8018-9694-1.
A.J.Brizard (2004).   Introduction to Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics, Ltd, Marston Gate, UK, ISBN 978-1-5029-5825-9. Text read, but unfortunately equations did not print correctly in the present version.
E.Kreyszig (1972).   Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Science Research Associates, Chicago, USA, ISBN 0-471-50729-6.
E.P.Northrop (1964).   Riddles in Mathematics, Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, UK.
H.B.Curry and R.Feys (1958).   Combinatory Logic, Vol.1, North-Holland, Amsterdam, NL.
M.J.Moroney (1951).   Facts from Figures, Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, UK.
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Cosmology, Evolution and Consciousness

R.A.Muller (2016).   Now: the physics of time, W.W.Norton and Co., New York, NY, USA, ISBN 978-0-393-28523-9.
M. Tegmark (2015).   Our Mathematical Universe: My quest for the ultimate nature of reality , Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, UK, ISBN 978-0-241-95463-8, 432pp.
C.Rovelli (2014).   Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, translated S.Carnell and E.Segre, Allen Lane, Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, UK, ISBN 978-0-241-23596-6.
C.Rovelli (2014).   Reality is not what it seems: the journey to quantum gravity, translated S.Carnell and E.Segre, Allen Lane, Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, UK, ISBN 978-0-241-25796-8.
D.Goldberg (2013).   The Universe in the Rearview Mirror: How hidden symmetries shape reality, Plume, Penguin Group, New York, USA, ISBN 978-0-14-218104-1.
J.P.Ostriker, J.S.Mitton (2013).   Heart of Darkness: Unraveling the mysteries of the invisible universe, Princeton University Press, Princeton, USA, ISBN 978-0-691-13430-7.
T.W.Deacon (2012).   Incomplete Nature: How Mind Emerged from Matter, W.W.Norton and Co., New York, NY, USA, ISBN-13: 978-0-393-04991-6, 624 pp.
S.Hawking, L.Mlodinow (2011).   The Grand Design, Bantam Books, London, UK, ISBN 978-0-553-81922-9.
C.Seife (2006).   Decoding the Universe, Viking, New York, USA, ISBN 0-670-03441-X.
J.Silk (2005).   On the Shores of the Unknown: a short history of the universe, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, ISBN 0-521-83627-1.
R.Dawkins (2004).   The Ancestor's Tale: a pilgrimage to the dawn of life, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, UK, ISBN 0-297-82503-8.
S.Hawking (2001).   The Universe in a Nutshell, Bantam Books, London, UK, ISBN 0-593-04815-6.
L.Smolin (2001).   Three Roads to Quantum Gravity, Perseus Books Group, NY, USA, ISBN 978-0-465-07836-3. (The three roads are: black hole thermodynamics, loop quantum gravity and string theory p169.)
G.M.Edelman and G.Tononi (2000).   Consciousness: how matter becomes imagination, Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, UK, ISBN 0-14-028147-9.
S.Mithen (1998).   The Prehistory of the Mind: a search for the origins of art, religion and science, Phoenix, London, UK, ISBN 0-75380-204-X.
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Nuclear Engineering

C.M.Braams and P.E.Stott (2002).   Nuclear Fusion: half a century of magnetic confinement research, Institute of Physics, Bristol, UK, ISBN 0-7503-0705-6, 270pp.
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Aerospacial, Chemical and Agricultural Machinery and Engineering

R.Strauss (2009).   Compost, Family Tree Publishing, London, UK, ISBN 978-1-84786-531-1.
S.Parkash (2003).   Refining Processes Handbook, Elsevier, Amsterdam, NL, ISBN 0-7506-7721-X.
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Business and Society

A-M.Simons (2008).   Taking Root in Provence, Distinction Press, Vermont, USA, ISBN 978-0-9802175-7-5.
U.Rollin and A.Venturi (2006).   Montpellier – une ville au coeur qui bat, Editions de l'Aube, La Tour d'Aigues, F, ISBN 978-2-7526-0295-4.
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Other Studies

Riordan, M. and Turney, J. (eds) 2000.   A Quark for Mister Mark", Faber and Faber, London, UK, ISBN 0-571-20542-9.
N.Warburton (1995).   Philosophy: the basics, Routledge, London, UK, ISBN 0-415-12496-4.
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