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Valley d'Aigues Research

Chemin de l'Oustalet, Zone des Prés Neufs, 84240 La Tour d'Aigues, France

Telephone: +33 490 073 398; e m a i l - m a l c o l m . s h u t e @ f r e e . f r

Engineering, Technical Writing and MORE

  • Working from English or French:
    • Writing your technical documents, sales literature, and company communications (in English)
  • Providing translation support:
    • Between French and English
  • Providing documentation support:
    • Restructuring the document to make it more accessible to the reader
  • Providing engineering support:
    • By a fully qualified engineer, able to interact directly with your design teams

Your Company Communication

  • A precise source of information:
    • In clear, simple, technical English that is accessible worldwide
  • A positive support for your products and services:
    • Enhancing your appearance, as seen by your potential customers
  • A central tool for your technical and sales staff:
    • Helping your own staff to do their jobs with the best support

Your Technical Writer

  • An integral member of your research and development team:
    • A fully qualified engineer, and experienced writer
  • Involved right from the early design phase of your new products:
    • Taking an active part, within the design team, in the product development
  • Putting in place, at the same time, a rigorous and methodical system:
    • For the future maintenance and evolution of your documentation

Malcolm Shute

  • Native English speaker:
    • Born in Lyndhurst, in the UK
  • Fully experienced writer:
    • Working in France since 1995. (Click here for a full CV)
  • Fully qualified engineer:

Freelance, consultant

The large multinational companies already employ teams of technical writers (either in-house or out-sourced). But, it is not all companies that have enough documentation to occupy a technical writer full-time. They try to make do with second-best, diverting their design staff on to working sub-optimally on the documentation.

Here, then, is the real attraction of engaging an external consultant, working efficiently in the job which he knows well, but just for the duration of the documentation project, while leaving your engineers to get on with theirs. (Click here for help on estimating the resource needs of your documents).

Working on-site or off-site, or a mixture of the two, based in the PACA region of France: Vaucluse, Bouches du Rhône, Alpes (Haute Provence), and Var.

Contact us, now, at the addresses shown above for more details.

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